Share Market Tips

Stock Market Tips

Stock Market Tips


We provide you share market tips every month on our monthly multibagger stocks page but these stock market tips will ensure that you always get great returns from the market.

1. Avoid buying stocks that everyone is buying

Normally, People tend to buy stocks that their friends, neighbors or colleagues are buying. Don’t buy stocks that everyone is buying. This strategy will get you no where in the long term when it backfires.

2. Have realistic expectations from your investment

Past Performance is Not Necessarily an Indicative of Future Results. If a stock has given great results in the past then it doesn’t mean that you will continue to get the same results year on year. Have realistic expectations from your stock investments.

3. Follow a disciplined approach to investing

Be in the market for medium to long term. If you are looking to get rich quick, the stock market is not for you. A vast majority of investors lose money in the short term. Have patience and you will get outstanding results.

4. Don’t try to time the lows and highs of the market

Getting a good stock at a high valuation is much better than getting a poor stock at a cheap valuation. Don’t try to catch the top of bottoms of the market or the stock. A lot of people have lost far more money than people who have made.

5. Don’t let emotions take over your judgement

This is one  of the best share market tips. Fear and greed are two things which will stop you from making money. Stay away from both of them. Don’t invest in fancy stocks if you hear that people have made great returns on them. The moment the market reverses, you will be caught by fear and eventually end up selling the stock and losing money.

6. Invest the money that you can afford to lose

Don’t borrow money to invest in the share market. Invest what you have as surplus. Remember you are investing in high risk instruments when you invest in stocks.

7. Monitor your investments regularly

We live in a connected world. One important event happening in any part of the world has an impact on our financial markets. Monitor our portfolio and keep affecting the desired changes in them. If you can’t review your portfolio due to time constraint or lack of knowledge, then you should take the help of a good financial planner or someone who is capable of doing that.

8. The single most important piece of advice during a stock market crash: don’t sell

Most people on most days don’t pay too much attention to the stock market or spend much time thinking about it. One big exception is on days when the market crashes dramatically. These days are very important to the media, and lead to a lot of media coverage about the market’s decline. That leads people to develop a lot of negative emotions about stocks and motivates them to start checking their portfolio to see how much money they’ve lost. Negative sentiments leads us to sell or at least to stop buying. Don’t do it. Selling stocks during a crash is a bad idea.

 Share Market Tips

Share Market Tips.


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