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Before you get in touch with us, please read the answers to the most commonly asked questions below:


Q. Do you have a paid service or a mailing list or a WhatsApp group?

A. No, we do not have a paid service, its all FREE. We don’t have a mailing list or a WhatsApp group.

Q. Can you recommend some good stocks?

A. All recommendations are already mentioned on this website. We cannot comment or guide you on stocks which we haven’t recommended.

Q. I bought a stock a few days/weeks/months ago. What shall I do with it? Hold it or sell it?
As mentioned above, we can only guide you on stocks which we have recommended. We do not comment or guide on stocks that we haven’t recommended.

Q. Are there any targets or stop loss for the monthly or yearly recommendations?

A. No, Unless specified on the recommendations page.

Q. When should I enter or exit monthly recommendations?

A. Enter monthly recommendations on the day they are recommended. Exit or sell at the end of the month for which they are recommended unless specified otherwise.

Q. I am new to investing. I need help with investing. Can you help?

A. We can only provide recommendations. We cannot help newbies. Please consult a financial adviser in your city.

Q. Can you tell me any 1 or 2 or 3 best stocks out of the yearly/monthly recommendations?

A. No. All stocks are meant to be bought together.

Q. When will you publish the next month’s recommendations?

A. They are generally published at the end of every month. Sometimes, on the 1st of the month.

Q. Can you tell me which stock books/courses should I buy or enroll in?

A. Sorry, we cannot guide you with any of these.

To get in touch, you can visit my Facebook profile by clicking on my name below and send your questions directly via Facebook Messenger.

–  Amit Goenka

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