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15 March 2017

We have again been featured on a couple of articles on Zee Business where I have mentioned my views after the nifty breached all time highs. These articles are available by clicking the links below:

–  by Amit Goenka


06 February 2017

We have recently been mentioned on a couple of articles on Zee Business where I have mentioned my views on budget and medium term resistance levels that have been breached. These articles are available by clicking the links below:

–  by Amit Goenka


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11 January 2017

How the markets may behave post demonetisation


Last couple of months saw the markets perform very poorly. Mainly because of a series of negative events that took place at regular intervals.

Some of the negative events for the markets in the past 2 months were:

  1. Demonetisation
  2. US Elections results
  3. Fed interest rate hike
  4. Selling by FIIs after demonetisation
  5. Poor GDP projections by ratings agencies

Going forward, markets may see some correction due to poor GDP figures, rise in oil prices, new US policies and poor December quarter earnings especially in sectors like Real Estate, Auto & FMCG.

Nonetheless, timely GST implementation and a strong budget will help the markets. We expect the markets to stabilize and eventually rise to new heights in the next few quarters. However, further rate hikes by the US Fed reserve (if any) and selling by FIIs post that, are areas to be concerned about.

–  by Amit Goenka

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04 July 2016

Top 5 Stocks that will benefit from GST implementation

Top 5 Stocks that will benefit from GST

We expect the GST bill to be passed in the monsoon session starting July 18.

Below are our top picks that we expect to perform well when the GST bill is passed:

  1. Transport Corporation of India Ltd.
  2. Greenply Industries Ltd.
  3. Exide Industries Ltd.
  4. Inox Leisure Ltd.
  5. Gati Ltd.

–  by Amit Goenka

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20 January 2016

How the markets may behave going forward

Bear Market

We expect the markets to be very bearish till 25 January 2016.

The bearish trend is expected to continue at least until 12 February 2016, but it will not be as bearish as between now and 25 January 2016. We will not be recommending monthly multibaggers for February 2016 due to these conditions and the recommendations for January 2016 should not be sold till May 2016.

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17 December 2015

Fed finally increases interest rates

Stock market news

The US Federal Open Market Committee finally unanimously voted today to increase the interest rates from a range of 0%-0.25% to a range of 0.25%-0.50%. Most experts do not see the rate hike causing any significant stress on Indian markets. The impact on India is expected to be minimal according to Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian. India appears to be well placed according to most experts.

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30 October 2015

Fed may hike interest rates in December

Federal Reserve

There is a great possibility that the Fed might hike interest rates in December. This will result in a temporary withdrawal of funds by FII’s from most emerging markets including India. Although it appears to a certain extent, that the markets have largely factored the rate hike. We might see the market on the bearish side for a couple of days after the rate hike in December.

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25 October 2015

Sensex may inch towards 28,000 in the coming week.

share market news

Rate cut by People’s Bank of China and Stimulus announcement by the European Central Bank is great news for the markets worldwide. Sensex will look to regain 28,000 next week. We expect the volatility to increase from Monday and the markets may remain volatile until at least expiry. A rally is expected in the Nifty if it manages to cross the 8400 resistance zone. Next major event will be Bihar Election Results on November 8.

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10 October 2015

Multibagger Stocks For 2016

Multibagger Stocks

Our FREE multibagger recommendations for 2016 have been updated on the home page. See our Multibagger Stocks For 2016.




29 September 2015

RBI finally lowers Interest rates by 50 basis points.

Indian stock market news

The Reserve Bank Of India has finally lowered the interest rates by 50 basis point after months of expectations. Some experts say that the markets have already factored in a 25 basis points cut but we think this is good news for the markets going forward since the rate cut was more than expected. The base repo rate now stands at 6.75%.

The interest rates are now at their lowest levels in the past 4 years.

Next important economic events:

Monday November 30 2015
GDP Growth Rate YoY Q3
4:30 PM

Tuesday December 01 2015
RBI Interest Rate Decision
11:00 AM

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18 September 2015

US Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged !

Janet Yellen, the Fed chair, said the central bank had maintained the federal funds rate at 0-0.25% because of concerns about a sharp slowdown in China and lower than desired inflation.

There is still a possibility of a rate increase anytime before the start of 2016. We expect the markets to do very well for the next few weeks and now is the best time to buy or add stocks to your portfolio.

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12 September 2015

Why the next week may bring more bloodbath and why its a good thing?

We expect the stock markets to be very volatile on 18th September. The US fed rate hike might eventually happen on 17th September. The rate hike is not expected to have any long term impact on flows into India, if the hike does take place. In fact, it might be a good thing since it will give clear signals to RBI and will bring down the volatility in the markets. The rupee is also expected to stabilize after the hike.

According to most experts, the markets have already factored in a hike of 50 basis points, but there is a minor possibility of further correction on Friday. Healthy corrections like these are good for the markets since they bring down prices in a comfort zone. Corrections of 2003 and 2007 also gave investors an opportunity to buy good stocks at great prices. On the other hand, if the hike is just 25 basis points, then there may be less volatility than expected.

The best time to add stocks to your portfolio will be on or after 18th September.

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26 August 2015

Market mayhem a temporary phenomenon, macroeconomic fundamentals better now: Raghuram Rajan


RBI governor Rajan has assured investors not to worry about the recent turmoil in global markets. He assured that India is in good shape.

The stock markets witnessed a bloodbath on Monday 24 August 2015 with the benchmark BSE Sensex crashing over 1,600 points amid a global rout. Nifty also tanked 491 points to close at 7,809.

This is the biggest-ever fall for Sensex in a day, PTI reported.

The market witnessed all-round heavy selling across realty, power, oil and gas, bankex, auto, metal, capital goods and IT sectors.

The investors lost over Rs 7 lac crore as a result of market meltdown.

Our Analysis: The market will remain bearish till 18 September 2015. Add to portfolio after 18 September 2015.

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26 August 2015

10 Reasons to be optimistic about the Indian Economy

  1. GDP growth is estimated at 8% in 2015-16. India is doing much better than most economies in the world.
  2. Industrial output has been improving month on month.
  3. Both retail and wholesale inflation is under control and have fallen for many months in a row.
  4. Forex reserves at a record $355 billion
  5. There is healthy demand in consumer sectors and consumption is up.
  6. There are signs of increase in investment due to the ‘Make in India’ initiative.
  7. Current account deficit has fallen.
  8. Trade deficit has fallen this year.
  9. Better than expected monsoon this year.
  10. Healthier government finances: Improved tax collections, led by indirect tax growth of 37.6% during April-July Lower subsidy bill due to falling oil prices. Expected savings may be around Rs 1 lac crore.

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