When Will The Next Big Recession Hit

When Will The Next Big Recession Hit?

When Will The Next Big Recession Hit?

Next Big Recession

13 April 2017

We expect the markets to do very well for the next few quarters.

We expect the next big recession to start in October 2017 led largely by the slowdown in the Chinese & European economies. Watch out for signs of banks failing (Deutsche Bank). That could well be the starting point of the next recession.

We will update this page once again when we see any more clues.

Check out our stock market tips section on how to make massive returns once recession starts. We recommend you start buying quality stocks 1 year after the recession starts and hold them for 3-6 years. An investment of just Rs. 1 lac in quality multibagger stocks in January 2009 would have given returns between Rs. 40-65 lacs in July 2015. Although, this range depends upon what kind of multibagger stocks or high return stocks were present in your portfolio at that time. This is where we come into picture and help you in finding sure shot multibaggers.

There are several so called experts who keep coming on TV and give interviews and predict that the recession will hit the global economy soon,  but the reality is no one knows when will the next big recession hit and all they are doing is making wild guesses and hoping to be correct.


When Will The Next Big Recession Hit

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